Bringing together our 8th Customer Feedback Week, our 4th Customer Self Service Summit and our 4th Customer Loyalty & Engagement Summit

All under one roof for the ultimate customer experience!

Customer Management IQ presents:

Customer Insight Week

Bringing together our 8th Annual Customer Feedback Week, our 4th Customer Self Service Summit and our 4th Customer Loyalty & Engagement Summit all under one roof for the ultimate customer experience!

This information packed event will showcase three tracks of key customer insights vital for creating the next generation of customer experience excellence. Whether you are tasked with the online management and interaction of customers, or in charge of translating data into growth strategies or developing engaging retention plans for customers, this conference has the right content for you. Benchmark, network and learn about innovative customer management strategies from our 45+ leading edge speaker faculty.

Join us this September in Chicago to achieve excellence across customer Management, Retention and Growth!

With 9 workshops to choose from don’t miss out on attending our insightful workshops into customer behavior, technologies, metrics and many more.

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Testimonials from our past events:

"I was really impressed with the line up of speakers. I couldn’t have hand picked a better bunch."
VP Marketing and Brand Development, Oneida Financial Corporation

"Excellent; Speakers were top notch."
Senior Vice President, Market Strategies

"A lot of presentations were based on case studies which were very helpful."
Managing Director, Corp Strategy & Marketing Research, FedEx


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